Saturday, January 22, 2005


My mom has a little old decrepit toy poodle who is smelly, has disgusting breath, and won't stop begging for any scraps he can get. In short, a typical dog. What is not typical about him is that he has lost most of his body hair except on his head. His backside looks like elephant skin! But he has one of the most lovable personalities for a poodle I have ever seen. Most poodles are attached to one or two people and ignore everone else. Not this one. He loves everyone, and not just for food. He is truly a sociable little mutt. His given name is Little Bear, but I affectionately call him THE BEAST!


Anonymous said...

that cave he has could take an elephant!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds amusing... yet frightening ;) but cute all in all! Gottal ove a dog with a good personality!

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