Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Death With Indignity

I cannot believe I live in a country where a living, breathing human being is allowed to whither on the vine... and some people think that's OK.

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Anonymous said...

One thing to think about though...with a rush on living wills, which is the document that allows you to say you don't want to be kept alive by machines if you are ever incapacitated, it seems evident the average person would not want to live that way. Unfortunately, Terri never filled one out... and who does when they are 27? However, evidence suggests the typical homo sapien would want to die when the cerebrum and cerebellum are completely dead, and there's nothing left but the medulla oblongada actuating some motor functions involuntarily in the body every now and then.

Another thought: If it were 500 years ago, she would be dead already. She's being artificially kept alive with mechanical equipment, which some could argue as a man-made act preventing God from taking her when he planned.

Her parents love her, and I do feel for them, but I honestly believe they are thinking of themselves firt. They want her around so they can love her tangibly.

But really ... if you were lying there...that way...how long would you want it to go on???...