Monday, March 21, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Jesus, let the poor woman live! The House has just approved legislation that will do just that if successful. Her family wants it, and it appears most people want it. Let us not go down the slippery slope of euthanasia... where will it end?

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Jimmy_No said...

This post at radioleft.com tells it all:

Terri Shiavo

It is indeed a shame the condition that Terri is in, and it is too bad that currently nothing can be done to bring her back to normal. This situation does however reveal the fundamental arrogance and hypocracy of many members of the current republican party. First off, with these people claiming to be so moral and such staunch believers in the hereafter, why are they so afraid to let her die? You'd think they would be certain she is going to a much better place, where she can be free of her handicap. But no, I think this is revealing of their own fears of death and the consequences due them for all their false witness bearing. And where do these poititians get off prying into other peoples affairs? I haven't seen conservatives move so fast since the Florida Supreme Court ordered a recount of the election in 2000. Why can't they move like this to fix the economy and create jobs? Millions of people have been filing bankrupcy and losing their homes all over the country ever since Bush took (and I do mean 'took') office, but that's not important enough for them. Instead, it's more important to barge in to someone elses personal lives and force what they think is right onto them. I really pitty Terri, but I believe in the hereafter strongly, and that the thing to do is let her go. I think a good gage would be to ask ourselves this question: "If this happened 500 years ago, would she be alive?" and the answer is no. She is being artificially kept alive, which could actually be seen as an abomination. The conservatives try and call it murder, but in reality, it is mercy.

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