Sunday, April 17, 2005

Strange Days

It has been a weird week. I have been feeling down and depressed. I don't know why Angie and I can't be friends. Maybe there's too much baggage there. We just go bonkers on each other.
I spent the day with my friend Sandra yesterday. We went to the mall and a movie: "The Upside of Anger". It was pretty good. I liked the radio scenes filmed at WRIF/Detroit. Kevin Costner's character in the movie is a talk show host. This is his best movie in years. He's put out some real dreck in the last ten years or so.
Sandra seems very wounded from her experience with her ex. He's an alcoholic/addict who broke her heart. He got so bad she had to divorce him. I think we both are shell-shocked but for different reasons. I just want to be the best friend to her that I can. Friends cannot be taken for granted! I have developed kind of a crush on Sandra recently, but I think it's because I'm lonely. She's not ready for anything even remotely like a "relationship" and has told me that. She has a young daughter to take care of, and that's her priority. I respect that. I guess I just like women and fall for them easily. I am very fond of her and don't want to compromise our friendship so I'll keep my distance in that way.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Angie feels threatened that, to her, you're trying to enter her comfort zone...as there's too much baggage there, it would be best, for now, to keep it simple,...like saying,"Hi...how's it going?" and stuff like that, in that way, it won't hurt either party. It's great for you that you have re-found a friend..in Sandra, yeah..we all feel lonely and the only way to overcome that is by being there for others and doing something that will continue to complete you...as a person..