Sunday, July 30, 2006

Maine Trip

It looks like my mom is not going to be able to make the trip after all... her knees are really hurting from the fall the other day. We are all disappointed for her. Also, my friends Chris and Roy are not coming. I still have plenty of other things to do up there, like see old friends and business aqaintances. My cousin Jimmy and his wife Pat are in East Millinocket, and me and my brother Tom are going up to see them, too.

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Jimmy_No said...

Ya, sorry I can't make it this time .. I was planning to take a little time off in August, but I volunteered for some work on a project that I found out later is due in mid August .. also, I am postponing the closing of the refinance on my home in Florida to sometime in October, after which I had planned to make it up to Maine .. I haven't seen my Mom and Sister for a couple years, and really wanted to make it next month while you guys were there .. maybe next time ..

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