Friday, October 13, 2006

Air Let Out of Air America

Oh well, Friday the 13th is a good day in one way. There is news today that liberal bastion (or is that bastards) Air America has filed for bankruptcy. Now if only the Democrats would admit their moral bankruptcy!

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All Ten Inches said...

It is a shame that the neo-cons lack the wisdom to understand the sophisticated religions of the world that evidentally sail far over their heads .. thankfully, a follower of more sophisticated spiritual values, Thomas Jefferson, had the wisdom to establish freedom of religion in America .. obviously he understood this point, and if you check Wikipedia, he is revered as a genious to this day .. most of the people (and democrats) who do not subscribe to the simplistic religions of the West are actually very religious and spiritual, just on a much higher level of understanding .. its ashame this point is so difficult to convey to the simpler crowd ..

The question is .. who does it make sense to listen to? smart people, or dumb people? .. all one needs to do is check acedemic records for the evidence ..

The world is filled with many religions .. unfortunately, the Ugly American neo-cons can only fathom the simple ones .. moral behavior is defined as causing no one harm, and based on this logic, the current administration has a serious problem with morality .. and on top of that, they are too stupid to even know it .. thank God this may change on November 7th ..

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