Friday, October 20, 2006

All You Need is Love?

That one-legged liar, Heather Mills, is claiming Sir Paul McCartney is a wife beater, among other things. Why now? Because there is no pre-nup! She is trying to bleed McCartney for all he is worth. And that's a lot. Over a billion. I can't believe a man who wrote all those sappy love songs is violent and crass. I give him the benefit of the doubt unless any real evidence comes out. McCartney, to his credit, has issued a statement saying he will fight the charges not in public but in the appropriate venue of divorce court. That's class.

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Man Cream said...

I think she's full of it too .. I have never seen Paul McCartney show any signs of violence ever .. also, I have way too much respect for him to believe her .. I also heard a recording once where he was complaining about his bass strings hurting his fingers .. I don't think he likes pain .. and besides, how often do people who smoke weed get violent anyway??? Like Jerry Garcia said at Woodstock, "It makes you behave!"