Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Democratic Congress

Well, folks, it looks like lame duck time for Bush and Co. That may not be such a bad thing. The Democrats will now have the ball in their court regarding the war in Iraq. They will have to be prepared to take some of the blame for their decisions regarding the future course of events there. And, some experts are predicting a Democratic Congress might lead to the election of another Republican President in 2008, namely one John McCain. If the liberals botch things up for two years, Hillary might have a snowball's chance in Hell of being elected POTUS.


The Damned Dog said...

One thing is for sure is the conservatives have wasted no time latching on to that viewpoint, that since the Dems have Congress, they will screw up in Iraq and share the blame .. and it sounds like 'experts predicting' came right out of a Fox News broadcast .. I like how they generalize about things they can't possibly be sure of .. like "most Americans feel" when they know only 'they' feel ..

I've been listening to the Polititians closely, and I don't see a 'botching up' by the dems in the near future if they have the opportunity to implement their ideas, unless there is significant conservative obstructionism, which unfortunately they are very good at ..

They should bring back Habeus Corpus .. the fact alone that the president eliminated this right of Americans should tell any sane person he's a dangerous loose cannon .. its time for someone to pour some cement down his hole ..

McCain can't win .. don't you remember??? Bush told us in 2000 he's gay, his wife's on drugs, and he's brain damaged from his POW days .. and Hillary may not even run, but its pretty obvious she has allot of conservatives very paranoid .. they're always talking about her ..

No BS said...

Democrats have said nothing specific about what they can or will do differently than Republicans as pertaining to Iraq. It's all been generalities. If lefties come up with a winning solution to a very complex problem, I will be the first to salute them. Getting out of the war without winning it first is not an option.

Top Girl In A Whorehouse said...

We should never have been there in the first place .. our presence has been nothing but a magnet for terror, and it has stirred up an immense ammount of insurgency .. we should be focusing on protecting our borders here .. all Bush and his cronies have done is whack a big bee hive with baseball bats constantly for 5 years .. i'd prefer to see some people with a little wisdom step in and give it a shot .. makes me a little more confident a solution can be found .. it is pretty difficult over there .. always has been .. maybe it will never get solved, but fueling the fire is certainly not the way to go .. way to dangerous in a nuclear world in my opinion ..