Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post Orifice

I went to the U.S. Post Office today to buy some holiday stamps, it being the month of Christmas and all. Imagine my surprise when I was told they had no Christian-themed Christmas stamps left, only snowflakes! (Oh, and plenty of Kwanzaa, Chanakkah, and Islamic-themed postage.) I asked them if they had the same amount of all religious stamps available at all post offices, or did they order them by the projected amount of people in the area who observed these particular faiths. Being a bloated government bureaucracy, of course they did not know. It just seems wrong that in a predominately Christian area I cannot find Christian U.S. stamps on December the Fifth.

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Chriiiiiiiiiiiist .. thank you very much .. thank you very much .. said...

Must have just had a run on them by the hoards of local Arizonian Christians ..