Friday, December 15, 2006

The War

Unfortunately at this point we are damned if we leave and damned if we don't. Arguments aside about whether we should have gone in the first place, we did, and now the result is for us to figure out. Bush and Co. made collossal mistakes in dealing with the many ethnic factions in Iraq. Many in our government don't even know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites! The Baathists should have been given a role in the reconstituted Iraqi armed forces. We just took their jobs away and pissed them off royally, so they joined the resistance. With less than two years left to go in his increasingly beleagered presidency, Bush is finally listening to other opinions regarding the solution to this mess. I was a war supporter, and I think we need to finish the job, but the way it was carried out was a disaster. The U.S. needs to stop being so PC and get nasty to win this.

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A Washing Machine said...

.. and with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton on the horizon .. we may not have any more wars .. just intense negotiations every 4 weeks ..