Thursday, January 11, 2007


I am beginning to think that we are really spinning our wheels in Iraq. For those of you who have thought some of my previous posts reeked of neo-con rhetoric, rejoice! A defense conservative can change. However, I still believe we have to get medieval and waste the motherfuckers who are shooting at our military and blowing them up. Adding 21,500 troops to the mess may not ultimately work, but it could be a good start. As long as our government gives them permission to be politically incorrect and shoot first-ask questions later. This is WAR, GODDAMMIT! Do we want to WIN? Or are we just jacking off? The coming months will tell. Oh, and a big FUCK YOU to the Iraqi "government." They are nothing but a bunch of useless sectarian terrorists in suits. The sooner we get someone to run that godforsaken toilet of a country with an iron fist the better. Saddam II, anyone?


The Damned Dog said...

a definite clusterfluck over there without a doubt .. daddy Bush didn't want to hastle with Iraq after the gulf war, and I think we are seeing why today .. I was behind kicking Hussein's ass in 1992, and wondered why we didn't do so at the time .. I'll give W this much, he had the balls to try, but unfortunately not the strategy .. maybe there isn't one that can work in an area where religious hatred has just dug deeper and deeper (DEEPER!) for 1000's of years .. and I agree, many of the Arabs are dillusional, and live quite a different life than us, and don't give a damn about our values or way of life .. they are like the earths termites .. maybe we should call Teminix ..

Delivery Boy said...


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