Monday, January 01, 2007

Crappy New Year

Not for me! Finally I am rid of that sanctimonious, hypocritical and dysfunctional bore Sandra. I met her years ago at a job we both shared, lost contact after I left, and reconnected some time later. I always thought she was kinda weird, but interesting in a "work friend" way. Her life sounded strange, but she knew about punk rock and such. It was odd, though, because she was so straitlaced in appearance. I didn't find her attractive physically at all. So it was just friends for us, and thank God! Lately I had grown weary of her act, but since her friendship had gotten me through some rough times, I gave her a pass. Well, last night was the last straw. I don't need this kind of "friendship." Sandra had a "party", consisting of two of her single mother friends and their spoiled kids. These women are all man-haters. Since I was the only man there, guess what happened? Sandra, who'd had a few mimosas, got mad at me, and subsequently kicked me out of her condo, for what she called "trying to raise her child for her." In actuality it was really about her being overzealous about what her little five year old princess overhears. If you can't talk about adult things on New Year's Eve, then it gets dull pretty quickly. Her daughter was in another room with the door closed and a movie on. Big fucking deal. If Sandra was really so concerned about what the little one is exposed to, then she wouldn't regularly leave the kid with her alcoholic, abusive ex-husband, who no doubt is giving the girl a crash course in all that is bad in life. Sandra says her daughter should be around her real father! Then she worries and complains about what language and habits she might be picking up from him. What to do? Any normal mother would find a nice, referenced teenage girl to babysit the little monster. Who, incidently, will grow up to be a big, huge monster of a problem if she is allowed to continue being with her crazy father on a regular basis. Look, to be fair, I am a divorced man with no children. Never had them. Didn't want them. But I know common sense. Sandra doesn't have any. Goodbye, Sandra. Keep on livin' la vida loca with the few friends you have left.


Urine Sam said...

Ray When Yippahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky Jay said...

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look farther than you can see.

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