Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life Is Suffering

While visiting San Diego, I came across The Story of Buddha in the hotel room alongside The Bible. I read it cover to cover, and while I remain a Christian, found it quite enlightening. The Four Noble Truths: Truth of Suffering, Truth of the Cause of Suffering, Truth of the Cessation of the Cause of Suffering, and the Truth of the Eightfold Path to the Cause of Cessation of Suffering are very helpful to me in my daily life. This life is nothing but the reality we make for ourselves. Fear of death causes torment to humans. This is similar to some Christian teachings. To be truly enlightened one must lose all fear. Fascinating!

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The Kitchen Table Will Do said...

Sounds interesting .. I'll have to check that out .. one thing I always wondered was .. is the little dipper pouring into the big dipper God's way of telling us we are being prepared for something? ..

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