Friday, April 20, 2007

Heil Shitler!

Today is that wacky dictator Adolf "ol' blue eyes" Hitler's birthday, and I mention it only because the dead and funky former fascist leaves a legacy of pure unmitigated evil mankind should never forget. The Holocaust did happen, and if you don't think so, you are in as much denial as those who believe those silly Islamic terrorists (the new fascists) just want us to leave them alone. Bone up on history and find the truth.


Put Them In Your Mouth said...

.. yes, it is unlikely that the Jews would have gone to all that trouble to fake the holocaust .. after all, what profit could that be anyway? .. there are better ways to pass the time .. like Sarah Silverman says .. "You snooze, you lose to the Jews" ..

The terrorists are definitely screwed up people .. from just seeing all that deeply intense scatological content on their websites (yes, they are even worse than Sarah) .. there is obviously serious mental illness there .. I wouldn't touch any of them with a 10 inch pole .. they are Sick Sick SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait A Minute You Cock Greedy Bitch said...

Unfortunately it is too late to just leave the terrorists alone .. the damage is already done .. Imperialists like Donald Rumsfeld and all the other Bush cronies have already pissed them off permanently .. and I don't believe them when they try to tell me the terrorists hate us for our "way of life" .. they honestly want me to believe a terrorists flips out and straps on a jacket bomb as a direct result of seeing a little skin on a late night Cinemax move???? they are in a dream world!! ..however, I do see them doing such a thing after being patronized and shit upon by arrogant white trash greedy assholes ..

The greedy oil pricks have fucked it up for all of us for good .. and mindlessly smacking around the middle east beehives with a stick may have just made them pissed off enough to swarm to the western hemisphere and sting us to death .. they are definitely far more pissed at America now then they were before the hop-along dubya era .. the threat of terrorism is way worse due to all the incompetent agitation courtesy of this administration .. thanks allot guys ..