Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus Be Going (a.k.a. Get Nappy)

So shock jock Don Imus has finally gone over the edge. He has been doing the same show for almost forty years and all of a sudden it's not okay? This is progress? People need to understand the ramifications of this current witch hunt. The hypocrites are having a field day. Al "Buckwheat" Sharpton and Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson are circling the wagons for a modern day lynching. It's fine in today's twisted culture for minority black comedians (like Chris Rock, who I think is hilarious) and spokespersons to insult whites, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, etc. but not for the whites to insult anyone, regardless of comedic or satirical value. When are whites going to be forgiven by the minorities for our sins? Surely not anytime soon. True equality should mean just that. It goes both ways. But nooooo... Payback. This time it's for real. Except today's victim is a 66 year old white man who does a national satirical talk show that leans heavy on sports and politics. These same jocks and politicos who milked Imus for exposure, well knowing his off-color brand of humor, are now silent. What two-faced assholes. For the record, I have never gotten Mr. Imus's appeal. I prefer Howard Stern. And what Imus said was, at the very least, ill-advised in today's repressive PC environment. Those Rutgers basketball players are not "nappy headed hos." We all know that. It was a joke. A joke a black person could say about another and get away with. Let's call a spade a spade (heh heh) and say that the REAL "nappy headed ho" is that black bitch who falsely accused three white Duke University lacrosse players of rape. And amazingly, ALMOST EVERYONE, white and black, pronounced those poor boys guilty before the evidence was in. I ask again, is this progress? That whore had DNA from eight men in her system. But none of it was from the men whose lives she ruined. The prosecutor suppressed evidence that would have exonerated the three accused. Of course, no apologies from the black community are forthcoming. If the accuser had been white and the innocent lacrosse players black, there would have been hell to pay. That said, the firing of Don Imus, first by MSNBC, and then by flagship CBS Radio, who also previously hung Howard Stern out to dry, was not about corporate social responsibility. It was about money, pure and simple. Sponsors, wary about getting caught up in the shitstorm, bailed, and the almighty dollar spoke once again. As long as the money was flowing, it was fine to go on Imus in the Morning and be a part of his irreverence. But when the companies get paranoid, and knee-jerk, then everyone else suddenly and hypocritically gets the fear of Jesus. Business as usual. What is sad about all of this is that censorship, however it is achieved, has a chilling effect on other forms of expression. Study the story of comedian Lenny Bruce and what he went through in the 60's for reference. Also the Smothers Brothers, who were vocal critics of the Vietnam War and were thrown off of CBS Television for it, even though they had respectable ratings. This stuff is nothing new, folks. But I thought maybe we were getting more adult about it. When Stern was drummed off of, surprise! CBS Radio, because of FCC pressure, I was pissed. But who can fight the government and win? It would be nice to see somebody try and succeed. The foolish inconsistency of today's society might then be modified. Sharpton says he is now going to go after anybody else that offends him or the black community as a whole. Fuck you, Al. As black musician-actor Ice-T rapped in the 90's... "Freedom of speech, but watch what you say..." Ironic, isn't it?


Blood Spoit Like Eh Fountain said...

Shock Jock got 'em bout 10 days ago and ohhhh shucks he's fired ..

Trustworthy, Obedient, Whip-Smart .. I sure Hate to Sell Him said...

It sure would be nice if we lived in a world as fair as that, I do agree .. but in my opinion, the real root of this kind of problem lies with the bastards who have always lied, cheated and stolen their way into power, which is a problem I believe dates back at least to Roman times on this earth I think these kind of people are all the same .. arrogant, self-righteous, condescending, power-mongering sons of bitches, who will do anything to squash people to keep them from threatening their position of power, which they worked so hard and fucked so many people over to attain .. these are the same kind of people who rounded up the blacks in Africa, chained them to boats, tied weights on them and threw them in the Atlantic if they didn't have enough food for them, and forced them to say "Yessa Massa" whenever they were allowed to talk .. this ugliness is something America will never live down, and I do feel for the African-Americans .. none of us can understand what its like to be black in America unless you are black in America .. like Chris Rock says .. "I'm rich, but I'm black, so you still wouldn't trade places with me" ..

The people who have been in power in the US for the last 6 years are a vivid example of what has stirred up all this hatred .. if these kind of cocksuckers weren't around pulling every slippery trick in the book to smear or squash everyone who even remotely looks like a threat to them, the world would sure be a better place .. this is not so much an attempt to cast blame, as it is just an eye-witness reflection of the facts and events that lead to this logical conclusion .. its not political targeting either .. its just a fact .. there are bastards on this earth that will fuck everybody so they can feel more powerful and arrogant .. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are just seizing this opportunity to cry for the black man again .. when they should just clap for the Wolfman instead .. maybe they should stop crying, fire up their iPods and play "Don't Worry, Be Happy" on a loop for a while ..