Tuesday, April 24, 2007


On today's Dr. Laura Show, I heard her say that people's priorities regarding "global warming" and the radical Islamic threat are askew. Dr. Laura said, in her opinion, more people seem wrongly concerned with "global warming" than the terrorist problem. I agree. I don't understand why something that is not conclusively proven would take precedence over a real threat. Both are potentially lethal, but only terrorism is inevitable, if a workable solution is not found. I still believe the war in Iraq, terrible as it is, should be continued until it is won. We have no choice. If we leave ASAP, as the Democrats would have us do, things could really spiral out of control. Then, 2007 would be fondly remembered as the "good old days."


My Feet And My Toes said...

One thing the Bush administration is good at is making people paranoid .. I know this for sure because I have worked for his kind in the defense industry for 25 years, and I am thoroughly convinced of this .. it is a fact that this is one of the things they endevour to do .. it makes them feel more powerful, and fuels their arrogance ..

The terrorism problem needs to be approached with some wisdom, and the oil greed needs to be taken out of the equation .. WWII was won in less time than this, and what's more, there is no end in site .. they have had plenty of time to solve this problem, and all they have done to buy time is peg Rumsfeld as a fall guy .. they are trying to say "well, it was all fucked up because of him" .. this administration simply does not have the proper scruples to resolve this matter ..

Everyone Bush has appointed in his administration has proven to be an incompetent boob (Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Brown, Gonzalez .. the list goes on and on) .. and lets get real .. they are only after more oil profits, and don't give a fuck about the threat of terrorism beyond the threat is poses to their bottom line .. maintaining a constant war is their chief manner of profiteering .. if this is correctly understood, then the right perspective should fall into place .. the way the current administration is handling the 'war on terrorism' is just a bunch of conjured bullshit, not unlike everything else they have done .. and it wouldn't be that big of a problem if they weren't agitating the situation by proving they are just greedy selfish assholes .. this just makes the terrorists want to come after us all the more ..

Another of the many shitty things they do is spin whatever their opposition tries to do to fix Bush's screw-ups .. they use "cut and run" to describe what the democrats want to do, despite the fact that none of them have ever used that term to describe their plans .. intelligence, proper assessment, and wise choices need to be made on the war on terrorism, and with the focus on protecting America's borders, not on making Haliburton more profitable .. The Bush administration admits they want to run the government like a business, but they are supposed to be public servants .. if they want to be businessmen, then they should get the fuck out of government and go back to the private sector and be businessmen, that is if they all don't wind up in jail first ..

If anyone wants to disagree with the world scientific community, people who have trained all their lives to figure out things like global warming, then I don't think that looks very good. I've worked as a mechanical engineer for a while now, and I'm a little more confident in the scientists assessment of the problem than I am with what some politicians want people to believe .. but I'm sure when the coastal cities of the world start to flood, the conservatives will find a way to blame the democrats who are trying to take the problem seriously .. higher ground is definitely looking tastier these days ..

No BS said...

Felt like Niagara Falls...

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