Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rosie's Big Fat Ass

Recently, singer Sheryl Crow said, for the environment's sake, everyone should use "only one square of toilet paper, or two or three in a real emergency." I don't know if Crow was kidding or not, but in reply Rosie O'Donnell said on The View something to the effect that "Sheryl Crow has never seen my big ass!..." And I'll bet Sheryl is very happy about that.

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Put Your Square Up My Ass OH DAMN said...

.. just thinking about it .. makes me put my finger down my throat .. Rosie is indeed as large as she is a lesbian .. no doubt she blasts several pounds of feces with each sitting .. it must get all over the place .. in fact, I believe her bathroom has recently been declared a level 3 bio-hazard .. although the one-eyebrow-down expression on her face was hysterical in response to Sheryl's crow about TP use .. one square??? Sheryl Crow must eat like a bird .. I don't think the Great Cornholio will take this sitting down either .. he needs TP for his bung hole .. bunnnnnggg hole .. mmmmmmmmmm heh heh mmmmmmmm heh!

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