Monday, July 09, 2007

Extra Sweaty

It's July in Arizona, hot and humid, our air conditioning has been out for almost a week, and my family is holed up in a motel. My brother is going to Cali alone this week so I can tie up loose ends and help my Mom out. We hope to be back home by tomorrow. The A/C guys are coming this morning to finish the job. We will all be glad to get back home. Because of the expense of all of this, I am not staying the extra time in Maine next month to go to my class reunion. I can only stay the early part of August and the reunion is in late August. Sucks.

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Oooo its getting warm you bastard said...

... no A/C .... FOR A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

I actually just got back from Maine, .. after 2 flight cancellations on the way up (that was fun) and I may not make it in August.. US Airways likes to book more flights than they have pilots .. I'd actually prefer a pilot that has had a full night's sleep .. but that's just me ..

When you're home, check out my nephew's Pizza Joint "DiSalvo's" .. its down by Peppino's on South Main St in Brewer .. he whoops up a mean Zzza .. and I hear his philly cheesesteaks are awesome .. he dedicated the restaurant to our Dad , and Tony made a big display for him in the restaurant ..