Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back To Civilization

The trip to Maine went off without a hitch. Plane transfers were more or less smooth, and the weather cooperated most of the time. (A miracle for New England!) I met my friend Roy on Maine soil for the first time in over twenty years! Other friends and relatives were visited, and I found an independent CD store much like the ones in Arizona... My only complaint: the backwards Bangor International Airport. A very small terminal and lousy, s-l-o-w security screening. It was the only place where our carry-ons were searched. They took my brother's Maine chowder, for God's sake! The female fed took out a couple of porno DVDs I bought in Bangor and tested them for explosives residue. Those flicks are explosive, all right, but not in that way.


A Wild Horse said...

Did you make it to DiSalvo's?

No BS said...

Unfortunately not. Didn't have nearly enough time to do all I wanted. Maybe next time... now now.

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