Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Summer of Lust

According to a new study in the August Archives of Sexual Behavior, men and women generally state the same reason for wanting sex: "I was attracted to the person." That was the number 1 reason out of 237 on the list. I'll bet the researchers were so busy talking about sex they weren't getting any.

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A Wild Horse said...

And here's what rounded out the top 10:

2. Sweeeeet Rouuuuund little ass of yours.
3. Built like a brick shithouse
4. She eat's all 10 inches of my prick.
5. You buck and roll your ass like a washing machine
6. As a cocksman you rate with the best
7. Hottest pants in town
8. Top girl in a whorehouse
9. That cave you have could take an elephant
10. You fucking queer bitch you like it this way!