Saturday, September 22, 2007

A New Addiction

I have fallen to a new obsession... nothing toxic, mind you. My latest jones is yard sales! On a good Saturday I pick up CDs and DVDs for a dollar or so apiece (sometimes much less in quantity), and then keep what I want and resell the rest to record shops and bookstores. Say I pay forty dollars or so for over a hundred CDs and DVDs (like I did today). I go to Bookman's, a local chain that buys used books, movies and music, and trade them for much more store credit than I paid. Also FYE, the national music and movies chain, pays cash and trade. I made over a hundred bucks in profit between cash and trade today, and kept about ten or eleven CDs for my collection. I have become very good at determining what will sell and the condition the stuff should be in. If I could do this more often, I could probably make a decent living at it. Alas, I can only go on weekends, (when most sales are anyway), and good bargains are not always available. It's the luck of the draw. Also, some people want too much for their stuff and won't haggle (of course that's their right), so sometimes I come up empty handed. But, boy it's a rush to get a screaming deal and then turn a profit in a couple of hours!

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Top Girl In A Whorehouse said...

Yessss, I did that for a while too .. definite early bird gets the worm situation .. people have definitely scored with yard sales .. I read about a guy who bought used golf clubs from yard sales, sold them on eBay, and made over 2 million bucks in a year .. apparently ripping off rich golf assholes can be very profitable .. good luck with the CD trading .. and let me know if you dig up an original Banana acetate ..