Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whut's Hapnin!

I try to think of creative titles for my blog entries. Sometimes I think they are worthy, other times I am coasting. Today I am coasting... Anywho, lately my family is annoying me as usual. My friend Sandra is too. She won't hire a babysitter to watch her rugrat so we can hardly ever get together and go out somewhere, ANYWHERE! We can't take the tyke to R-rated movies, etc. etc. Of course I reluctantly agree with this, but c'mon. Everybody needs a break sometimes. On the home front, my elderly mother is truly a geezer, with Jerry Stiller-worthy behavior that sometimes defies logic. My brother is also entering geezer territory and can be quite foolish at times. They think I am the crazy one. They're probably right! If I outlive them, I surely will miss them when they are gone. Who will annoy me then?

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