Saturday, November 03, 2007

500 Scientists Refute Gore

If you have any questions about the scientists who issued the September report that global warming is not entirely man-made, go to Google and type in "500 scientists refute Gore".


Hotter Than A Blast Furnace said...

.. I did that search, read many of the results .. and I saw allot of wording based on strong opposing opinion, and not quite as much statistical data. I also did some searches for some charts that show temp and CO2 levels over the centuries. Here's an example of one I found:


This being from Wikipedia, with no real control from anyone, can't be classified as 100% difinitive evidence. But it does show a dramatic rise in CO2 levels since the onset of the industrial revolution, and incedentally, not shown as drastic as Al Gore's chats (didn't need a scissor lift to reach todays levels). A few charts I looked at showed similar results .. just under 300 PPM thru all the ice ages, but up close to 400 PPM today, and rising (33% higher than all the previous cycles, and going up).

Well, thank God we have a balance of power (still to some extent in this country) so Conservatves and Liberals can spar back and forth on this matter. We don't want political bias either way. We all just want the truth. If there's a threat, we need to know about it, and act. We can't say "its all a hoax" when we just hear that from wealthy conservatives living in wasteful excess, worried about their oil profits crashing down, or "its real" from radical liberals, many of which harbor a contempt for the oppressive rich, and will resort to anything to stick it to these smug, arrogant, discriminating, mud-slinging, conservative sexual deviants living in wasteful excess .. we can only hope God will help us find the real truth .. I suspect its somewhere in between the extremes ..

I Guee You Could Say Those Are Hot Pants said...

... incidentally, Gore is well aware, and does acknowledge the natural warming trends of the earth, and the fact that man made CO2 is merely a contribution to it (further evidence of not knowing everything he has said).. he's been researching the matter for over 30 years, so I imagine some of it had to stick .. but who am I to buy what someone studying the matter for over 3 decades has to say, over the knee-jerk response from people like Bill O'Ryleeee or Rush Limbaugh who both flunked all their math and science classes ..