Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Talk about feeling guilty. I just found out this morning from my on again-off again friend Sandra, that the cancer she previously told me about (without being specific) is ovarian which has spread to her cervix. I feel guilty because I have been skeptical of her really being sick because she doesn't look ill, and she would never tell me what kind of cancer it was. I thought maybe she was trying to get sympathy. I realize she has every right to privacy, and it's none of my business unless she wants me to know. I also realize now that people with cancer often don't look sick. I am in the process of learning a big lesson from this. Maybe I should trust people until they give me a reason not to. Maybe I shouldn't be so nosy. And just maybe I should consider myself lucky to have what I have. Sandra's prognosis is not good, and yet she handles daily life with such patience and fortitude. I think God has put her in my life so I will be a better person. Sandra certainly is a fine example of a good person. I wish I had realized that much earlier.

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