Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary And All That Hoohah

The surprise Obama win in the Iowa caucus (heh, heh, he said caucus) means Hillary Rodham (heh he said rod) Clinton needs a New Hampshire victory to stay alive like her hubby needs some new trim. That is to say, VERY MUCH! And what about Huckabee? I think the Live Free Or Die state will go for John McCain, from my home state of Arizona. The new comeback kid. Besides, Huckabee sounds like kittybees. It's a name that is much too foolish sounding to take seriously. And, I just don't trust the guy. There's something rather shifty about him. And we've all had enough shiftiness for now, haven't we?


Joe the Bartender said...

I agree .. Huckabee sounds way too much like kittybee to be taken seriously ..

I think McCain or Obama would do .. democrats like McCain, and republicans like Obama (mainly since he sounds allot like the black president from the 2nd season of '24' I suspect) .. it would be refreshing to get past this red state/blue state bull once and for all, and I think either one of these guys could pull that off ..

As for the Clinton's .. they have been assimilated by the Borg .. not trustworthy any more .. besides, Hillary is a sore loser .. she attacked Obama, and then cried after the Iowa motherfucking worthless "Caucus"-suckers! (her Howard Dean moment) ..

Obama is a sensation .. we could use someone like him .. he's like John Kennedy and Martin Luther King rolled into one (he is after all, half-n-half) .. hope he doesn't get shot ..

cube said...

Picking Huckabee would be a heck-of-a-boo-boo for the GOP.

The Clintons are a bad joke.

Kitty Bea said...