Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Caught In a Lie? Oh My!

CBS News has busted Hillary Rodham Clinton on a statement she made in a recent appearance. The Democratic Senator running for Pres claimed a trip to Bosnia in the 90's was much more dangerous than it appeared on CBS video. Hil said when she got off the plane her group was dodging bullets and there was no greeting party. The evidence on tape showed the complete opposite. Clinton's explanation of the incident is not very convincing. Obviously she does not share her husband's talent for bullshit.


Brick Shithouse said...

Well, Like David Geffen said .. the Clintons can lie so easily .. I used to think they bullshitted for the right reasons (even Mr Spock lied to the Klingons), and maybe they used to .. but I don't know about today .. I think they have been fucked so much by the conservative slime machine that they've allowed themselves to be dragged down into the gutter with them .. at this point I think they've sunk too low .. maybe they think they need to do this for whatever reason .. and maybe they are just totally out for themselves .. I know I don't like the Obama criticism coming out of them .. it makes everyone who admires him cringe, I'm sure .. and if the phone rings at three in the morning, ya, Clinton may have the experience and resources (as well as the mud pack and hair curlers), but here's a better question .. what happens if the phone rings at three in the morning .. NOW!?!?!? now .. now ..

Naturalborne Fuck Machine said...

I heard something on the news yesterday that further damns the Clintons .. it looks like Nanci Peloci is taking some heat from some Clinton cronies because she is trying to make the super delegates vote as the popular vote goes for the nomination .. that seems fair enough, but not to Hillary .. they even threatened Ms Pelosi if she didn't comply with their wishes .. imagine that .. big money Clinton backers trying to influence the election .. how full of it are they anyway?

One thing good to see is McCain and Obama both there .. this would seem to indicate that Americans are tired of the political polarizing, and want someone who can be a unifier of the parties .. as both McCain and Obama are .. they are both liked by their opponents to some extent .. looks like the country longs for unity .. awwww but ain't that America ..