Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama Drama

Barack Obama will not win the Democratic nomination this summer. His recent problems associated with his pastor and his lack of experience will doom him come August. Hillary has too much power, connections, and experience. However, I believe John McCain will win the election in November. One thing the Republicans have accomplished is that we have not been attacked by terrorists since 9/11. Also, the Democrats are destroying their credibility with the American public with all the infighting. McCain has the luxury of sitting back and organizing his strategy while the Donkeys bray.

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Banged My Balls On The Desk said...

Sounds just like what I hear between the time my cat steps on the remote and flips the TV to fox news, and when I switch it back to a real news station .. McCain will be 73 years old in Jan 2009, and he will be 77 in 2013 .. he is already having senior moments (according to fox news) when trying to figure out who's fighting who in the middle east .. plus, George Bush said he was not right in the head thanks to his POW experience (maybe that's why he only served him hot dogs after his little soft shoe dance at the white house) ..

The numbers are favoring Obama right now .. and yes, maybe the Clinton's will pull something to squeeze by him (God help us) .. but the best scenario for us is an Obama victory .. the Pastor thing will pass .. no one cares about that except for his political opponents .. Obama is the only one that can be trusted .. he may well be shot while President, but if the Commander in Chief will send troops into harms way to defend America, he should also have the balls to make changes for the better in this country, even if it risks his life .. Kennedy did it, and got blown away .. but he will always be remembered as a hero in this country .. Clinton and McCain are too chicken to stand up to the corrupt powers on this earth, and if either of them win, all the rest of us will just go on suffering more and more .. and be getting older on top of that .. we need a President with real balls .. and in this case, one with one black ball, and one white ball .. and we definitely need a president willing to get them sweaty ..