Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back From Space

I feel like I've been on a long trip. I haven't felt like posting in awhile. I guess sometimes it's better to lay low and let things happen. The deep depression I've experienced in the past seems to be over. I'm exercising again (God, if I don't I'm going to balloon to 400 lbs.!) and feel better than I've felt in years. The drug use has subsided, although I did have a short relapse back in June. I am optimistic about the future and can even handle it if Obama is elected. I am not happy with the way the Bush administration has handled things the past few years. I admit this now. Maybe a change would be good for the country. I like McCain generally, but I wonder if he really has a chance. His age and the Republican Bush baggage seem to be insurmountable. We'll see. Get out and vote or you'll have no reason to bitch come November!


Grace Owens said...

I don't know .. I kind of like Paris Hilton's new campaign ad .. just think, she might assure us that there will be a banana in every twat ..

A Wild Horse said...

On the other hand, with banks failing all over the country, multiple big businesses going bankrupt, and gas prices going thru the roof, its a pleasure to see the economic policies of the Bush administration finally come to fruition .. giving big piles of money to people who are already hoarding big piles of money sounds like a brilliant strategy .. I say 4 more years of it ..

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