Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Truth

Last night's debate was deadly dull. Barack Obama is spewing more of the same bullshit, and John McCain needs to call him on it. McCain did mention the Democrats role in the Freddie Mac-Fannie Mae meltdown, but needed to keep pushing the subject. The truth is, Democrats voted against reforms that would have reigned in the mortgage mess. The last debate is make or break for the Republicans, or Obama is going to win the election, and things will REALLY get fucked up.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced the owner of this blog has simply smoked way too much crack. Lets break it down: The economy is currently on the brink of the worst collapse since the great depression + George Bush has been president for the last 8 years = George Bush is a complete fucking idiot, and a total asshole!!! I hate to be the one to break it to you, but 1+1=2! Or is this just too much fuzzy math????

No BS said...

Like I don't know who is writing these inane comments... If you had any common sense, and/or a grasp of history, you would realize that the economy is a complex instrument that can be messed up by events going back many years. I believe more than one administration had a hand in this debacle. Wake up and don't be so partisan and judgmental just because you don't like the GOP. If you would get over whatever it is that fuels your rage, you might have figured out that I am an independent. I don't necessarily lean either way politically. It is more complicated than that.

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