Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Twilight's Last Gleaming?

Here on this, our nation's Independence Day, I want to voice my opinion about the state of this great country. I have not said much since Obama was elected, in order to be fair and give him some time to try to solve some of our many problems. Well, so far it doesn't look good. Even lifelong lefty Helen Thomas is livid about the White House press corps being fed questions in advance in order to try to control the news about Obama and company. Unemployment continues to increase. It's now up to almost ten percent. The housing market is still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Credit reform is a joke. Corporations are being seized and nationalized in an unprecendented manner. And don't get me started about the deficit. We are selling out this country! Is all the money spent really doing any good? Trillions spent already; and much more to come if Obama gets his way with national health care. Most of us don't want it, but like much during this first six months of King Barrack's reign, we're going to get it regardless now that Al Franken has been declared the senate winner in Minnesota. The already insufferable Democrats now have a filibuster-proof majority in Congress. God help us. I don't want to live in a socialist country.

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