Friday, February 18, 2005

Super AIDS?

A gay man In New York City has been diagnosed with what appears to be a new strain of HIV that progresses to full-blown AIDS in only three months. The man used crystal meth and had unprotected sex with multiple male partners. The virus is resistant to the current drug therapies. Now more than ever: "No glove, no love!"

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Anonymous said...

AIDS is bullshit too...believe it or not, the sexual revolution of the 60's never had to stop. Just another prick sleazy plot by the SOB's that run the world. They have been curing AIDS in Germany, and other places around the world. Ronald Reagan even went to a German doctor in the 80's to cure his cancer, all the while never even addressing the AIDS crisis. What's more, all of the top brass of the AMA and FDA sneak off to Germany to cure themselves of all their "incurable" ailments, while they very hypocritically lie to the world and sell their pills. I wouldn't want to be any of these people when they meet their maker...they will be thrust into a choice between two doors like in that far side cartoon...damned if you do, and damned if you don't!