Friday, February 04, 2005

Weapons of Ass Destruction

Trust me, they are buried deep in the bowels of Iraq. Get out the industrial size rubber gloves.

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Anonymous said...

I thought they might be in the Oval Office...wasn't Bush on TV looking under furniture going "nope, no weapons here!" with canned laughter?...

Anyway Rumsfeld solved this problem for us...he said just a little handful of a biological weapon is a weapon of mass destruction...also that the flight in Pennsylvania on 9-11 was shot down....slip of the tongue? or from the mouths of babes...

BTW, I picked up the video from http://www.911inplanesite.com and checked it out. They also send you a complimentary video that was released shortly after 9-11 by CNN, to prove that their footage was not altered. After seeing this, a few questions crossed my mind:

Why was there no plane debris at the Pentagon?

Why did an eyewitness (on the CNN tape as well) say he saw a cruise missile hit the pentagon?

Why is there a picture of only a 16 foot hole in the side of the pentagon right after the attack, when the plane we were told hit it was over 100 feet wide?

Why was a local gas station's surveillence camera comfenscated shortly after the attack?

With all the surveilence cameras mounted on the roof of the Pentagon left in tact after the attack,(you'd think the defense headquarters would have the best surveilence around it), why have they not shown us video of the hijacked plane hitting the building to disprove all these rumors to the contrary?

Why were two DC firemen fired just before they were going to go on the news with their version of what happened at the Pentagon?

Why did the attack happen in an area that was under construction with virtually no one there?

Why did Donald Rumsfeld feel safe enough to help the victims after the attack, to the dismay of his body guards?

What is that cylidrical object mounted to the bottom of each of the planes that hit the twin towers? Weren't these supposed to be hijacked commercial airliners? These planes resembled some of the US military planes exactly

What was that flash that came from these pods just before the impact with the buildings?

Why were there no windows in these planes? Weren't they commercial United and American Airlines planes?

Why did NYC firemen say they heard and saw the buildings fall exactly like a controlled demolition?

Why did a tape of a phonecall on 9-11 reveal an order for a controlled building demolition?

...I don't know...maybe it's just me...if anything, the video is worth checking out for entertainment purposes....but I'm sure we'll see attention brought to this stuff much like the Zepruter film of the JFK assassination...who knows, maybe it will hit the news in 2075, or somewhere thereabout....