Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Saturday I was supposed to go to the Arlo Guthrie concert with Sandra. She is a big fan of his and I was looking forward to it as well. Then that morning Sandra called and said she had pneumonia! I was disappointed, but of course I am more worried about her health. She said she has not been feeling well lately. She doesn't get a lot of sleep because of her job and having to raise a child alone. I hope she can slow down a bit and get her health back. If anything good comes out of the pneumonia, that might be it.
I have been feeling bored lately, and not going to the concert didn't help. I have to remember that events beyond my control have to be patiently dealt with. I am a bit anxious about Sandra's health. So all this combined is a strange mixture of worry and boredom from not having her around. Oh well, I'll cope somehow. The important thing is that she gets better soon.


Loy said...

Is Arlo Guthrie still alive?

Anonymous said...

yeah....u seem to be bored without her...u gotta get a grip of yerself dude...actually...events beyond your control..it's best you let go of something you have no control over..like Sandra feeling under the weather...hook up with her when she gets better or send her a 'Get Well' card or something?!?!?!