Thursday, July 20, 2006

London Broil

Wednesday was the hottest day ever recorded in Britain. South of London, the temperature hit 96.6 degrees! I still don't believe in man-made global warming, but... IT WAS HOTTER THAN A BLAST FURNACE!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, unfortunately since one of the champions of the global warming cause happens to also be a polititian (Gore), too many are inclined to pass it all off as a left wing conspiracy theory .. and since Tom Brokaw also did a Discovery Channel special pointing out the same concerns, he just cast himself into the liberal bin as well ..

There was a confirmation of the facts presented in "An Inconvenient Truth" by the US Government Scientific Community. But unfortunately here too, all these scientists will just be passed off as liberals .. ultimately the more educated you become, and the more truth you subsequently uncover, the more you look like a liberal .. screw it .. I think I'll just go get a labotomy, register as a republican, and pick up some future beachfront property in Arizona ..