Friday, July 21, 2006

The President

There is a trend that has been going on for quite some time now. That is the tendency to openly trash the POTUS based solely on party lines. It's so obvious among die-hard liberals right now to automatically disagree with ANYTHING President Bush supports. It's so predictable. C'mon. The man is our President. He didn't get into office because he is stupid. He may not have the best communication skills, but give him some credit. I've learned to think independently about issues. Things are not always black and white. I agree with the President on the importance of fighting terrorism. I don't agree with his stance on stem cell research. There was much I liked about President Clinton. I thought he was a great speaker and had many good ideas. The Monica Lewinsky scandal was a tempest in a teapot. Clinton's private life didn't matter to me. What did matter was his stand on getting Bin Laden. He let him go. There were many opportunities to nab the terrorist and Clinton didn't pursue them. He was weak on defense. Clinton's idea of fighting terrorism, even after the first World Trade Center bombing, was to lob missiles into baby milk factories. This may very well have led to 9/11 and the mess we're in now. There are good and bad aspects to almost every person on this planet. I try to see our leaders as fallable human beings and not superhuman. I think both Republicans and Democrats tend to forget that sometimes in their partisan fever.


sir realist said...


you wrote: "It's so obvious among die-hard liberals right now to automatically disagree with ANYTHING President Bush supports. It's so predictable. C'mon."

Not here to argue, but EXACTLY the same thing can/was/and should be said about the right during the Clinton years. Their vehement hatred of the Clintons really was unprecendented.


Jimmy_No said...

Yup, we really can't know exactly what's going on .. and I believe if all of the secret information about the real stories was known, maybe allot more sense could be made of some of these world events ..

I don't think anyone in their right mind likes to be bullshitted .. but I think they could have done a better job of coming up with a laundered story for the public about why we went into Iraq than they did, which obviously didn't work out too well .. I admit maybe its better for the masses to not know the real reason we invaded Iraq, but by doing what they did, and telling us what they said, just leaves too much speculation about power and greed being the motivating factor, rather than protecting us against terrorists .. and I still maintain that the powerful could help stop the hatered for Israel and the United States by focusing on improving their treatment of people ..

and regarding 9/11 .. there's still allot of evidence raising questions about who was really behind it .. bear in mind there was $160 Billion in gold stashed underneath the towers .. and clean-up workers were threatened with their lives if they entered the area .. then, Rudi Giuliani said $230 million was recovered .. about 1/10 of a percent of it all .. hmmmm who made off with the rest I wonder??? The truth just may well be that it was a big heist .. with a convenient justification to go torture and kick the shit out of the people they hate .. whoever 'they' are ..

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't think Clinton let Bin Laden go because he was weak .. I think the real reason is Clinton knew he's wasn't really that big of a problem .. we're just being led to think that .. on 9/11, Bin Laden was escorted to a mid east hospital and all the hospital personell were replaced by secret service people .. Sounds just like another conspiracy theory .. but are we sure? What would someone making this stuff up have to gain?? These people don't want recognition, they are just trying to uncover the truth, because they hate to be bullshitted .. and don't forget we had Bin Laden cornered in Afghanistan, and he was let go there .. this after 9/11 .. so can we know what the hell is really going on???

No BS said...

The people on the right were wrong to automatically disagree with President Clinton, too. As for the conspiracy theories about 9/11, I don't buy them. Are you saying THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT could be involved in such a massive undertaking and keep it from the public for almost five years? They're not THAT smart!

Jimmy_No said...

Difficult to say .. maybe an underground international rogue faction with massive wealth and power with the capability of manufacturing our weapons .. one scenario that happens to fit the facts from all the crap I've seen (and I don't deny it could be crap) .. not to say I 100% buy this either .. just one theory .. we may never know .. and yes .. there's too much incompetence in government to engineer such a plot .. that I will agree with .. then there's that school teacher that thinks Cheney's behind it all .. now that is wild ..

Anonymous said...

For those wondering why the Jews have had it rough on earth for 1000's of years, consider this example .. this morning I checked my email and saw 'potentially negative items' posted to my credit report .. I checked, and there was a 30 day past due posted to my mortgage payment, which I not only made on time, but I had also called the bank to confirm receipt about a week ago .. what's more, I have the FedEx print from their website to prove it and all .. so I try to call to straighten it out, and of course, there are no customer care professionals available to assist me until regular business hours Monday .. after I was informed on Friday night via email .. I don't know how many people I've spoken to over the years who have had identical experiences ... these bank fucks are always trying to screw you so they can justify ripping you off with higher fees with bad credit marks .. ... If I could only help direct the Hezbollah army to aim a few missiles at the Chase Home Finance Corporate office .. I'm sure they'd be happy to do help ..

Jimmy_No said...

I'm not so sure its always a partisan political issue when it comes to drawing conclusions about Hop-Along Dubya .. not only has he got much of his own party base in congress turning on him today (mainly because they are in danger of losing their jobs after this year's election), but also he has most everybody else who isn't a spoiled suck-up conservative wanting him out of office all around the world ..

I've always noticed a consistancy with many of the people who turn out to be what we have come to call conservatives and liberals .. there are always conservatives that are either born into wealth or have some access to some kind of free support in their lives, and as a result never see the real story behind toughing it out and making it on their own (I know there are exceptions) .. and many liberals are people who have had to fight to support themselves, and as a result find out first hand how big of a fuck job the rich and powerful normally give to the public at large (I know there are exceptions here too .. I don't want my taxes raised to support crack whores with 15 kids .. slavery was not my fault

I'm sure if my Dad were wealthy and had the attitude toward me that I didn't need to earn an allowance or an inheritance, and he just gave me free money, I would never have learned how tough it is to try and make it on my own, and maybe even joined the bastards that bleed the masses for their own gain leaving their carcasses to rot .. I don't know .. maybe there are other explanations for why there is such a huge chasm between our nation's political parties today .. but I have to side with the hard working people, and maintain my disgust with the rich and powerful who have had it all handed to them for free, that in turn make it tougher for the average person to survive than it needs to be .. and I would never bring the indignity and humiliation on myself of sucking up and kissing anyone's ass for money or support - and you know God damned well that's the basic character of our current POTUS

I'd sure love to respect our president, but its kind of tough to do that even after just watching his behaviour at the G8 summit, where he was eating like a pig, chewing with his mouth open and talking, and then going up behind the German Chancellor and grabbing her shoulders and pissing her off .. he obviously was showing no respect to the event by displaying this kind of arrogance .. but it doesn't surprise me .. he's a spoiled brat, and just like Paris Hilton, we would have never even heard of him if it weren't for daddy's money ..

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