Friday, August 25, 2006

Blame America First?

I will never buy into the idea that the United States is largely to blame for the ills of the world. Yes, we have made some mistakes. We are the number one country on the planet. We carry great power and responsibility. More people want to come here than any other place. We have the best standard of living. That's why some who can't get here trash us. They are jealous. We live under a system that is not perfect, but is as close to Utopia as anywhere on God's green Earth. People look to topple the leader, when they can't share in the greatness. America, and its leaders, do not always make the best decisions. That's democracy at work. We have the ability to change things if we don't like the status quo. Try doing that in Syria or Iran. I feel sorry for the people in those countries who want a better life. They are stuck with dictators who want to cause trouble far beyond what the U.S. could ever perpetrate. We try to better the world. Sometimes we stumble and blunder and really fuck it up. But we honestly, sincerely try. That's the American Way. We are the melting pot for the world. A great ongoing experiment in liberty. I love this country, and for the most part I trust the leaders governing it. If they mess up, we have mostly ourselves to blame. We voted for some of them. Learn about the candidates. Then vote in November. Otherwise you have nothing to complain about!


Joe The Bartender said...

Indeed .. and hope that more than the 14 states that have already passed laws to make a paper trail manditory for balloting will proceed to do so so that voter fraud can be combatted .. I would sure hate to withdrawl $100 from an ATM, then see an $800 debit online, and not have the receipt to prove it ..

The American system is the greatest in the world, no question about that .. lets hope no one succeeds in breaking it .. and IF it continues to work, and IF Impeachment proceedings commence in 2007-2008, and IF Bush, Cheney, etc. are found guilty of Treason and War Crimes .. the American Justice system will surely punnish them appropriately .. God bless America ..

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with Joe, and then some.

The American people, by and large, are good people. As are the people of syria, iran, and timbuktu! However, that is not the same thing as saying the the US is a force for good in the world. Over the decades, we have instituted policies that have caused great harm for actual, real people, all over the world. It was inevitable that eventually someone would notice.

We have propped up and supported many of the horrible dictators that you mentioned: including Saddam, the Duvaliers in Haiti, and Marcos in the Phillipines

Bush's policies on Family Planning have had significant impact on individuals and clinics all over the world. Back in '02? (Perhaps earlier), he made it illegal for ANY clinic that even mentioned the word abortion to receive ANY funding from the US annual stipend. So abortion is legal in the US -- but with a wave of his magic wand he effectively denied any choice to woman throughout the third world.

North Marianas Garment Producers. Need I say more? (If so, READ THIS)

Policy aside, our individual lifestyles are made possible by the degradation of people all over the world. People in Taiwan (or whereever the current hot spot is) live on a couple dollars a day so that we can buy snazzy running shoes for a hundred bucks, and then never run. Americans have blinded themselves to the harm they are causing, simply because its a hard thing to face, when you don't know what to DO to fix it.

Ok... I'll shut up now.


TerraPraeta said...

That anonymous was me. This, kiddie, is what happens when you try to be intellectual with a hangover ;-)


A Wild Horse said...

Considering the assumption that people who dislike this administration (foreign and domestic) are jealous, I do not fully agree .. some may be, but I think for the most part its more of a gross distaste for their arrogance .. its a big irritation that makes you want to puke, with no jealousy involved .. kind of like being hit on by a gay person if you are straight .. these kind of people really can give you the urge to wonder who in the hell they think they are ..

There's really nothing stopping people from sharing in their greatness, except perhaps themselves, because they need to learn how to work the American system to their own benefit (which is available to anyone here), or they don't have the means of getting to America .. maybe they could start walking, and try and plan on hitting the Aleutian Islands in the winter so they can walk across the ice .. or perhaps they can start hitch-hiking .. maybe the Exxon Valdez will swing by and pick them up ..