Friday, August 11, 2006

Farewell to Maine

Today we leave for Providence, R.I. Our flight back to Phoenix is tomorrow. In light of the terrorist threat, we are planning to arrive at the airport at least three hours early. Thank God the plot to blow up the airplanes was thwarted. Our system is working. Whatever the shortcomings of Bush and Blair, they are on the ball. As for our trip to Maine, it was great. The weather was wonderful, the friends and family warm, and the food fantastic. I ate so much seafood it's coming out of my ears. I saw my former boss Mark, and his partner Nat, yesterday in Ellsworth. Then I visited Mark's brother Tom, who I also worked with at Kiss 94 FM in the 1980's. After that it was back to Bangor, where I saw my old friends (practically family) the Dionnes. I did pretty much everything I wanted to do on this trip, but I'm ready to go home.

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