Friday, August 11, 2006

To the Terrorists

If you are one of those cave dwelling lowlifes who happens to stumble upon this blog, FUCK YOU. You will not win. Your "religion of peace" sucks fat camel dicks. Your ideology is flawed. The West will destroy all of you and anyone who sympathizes with you. And when you die, you will not dwell in Paradise with your false god. You will burn in HELL feeling the collective pain of all your victims for all eternity. No virgins for you, scumbag.


Anonymous said...

The current issue of the Weekly World News says Osama Bin Laden was caught by rednecks in Missori .. so I guess we're safe now ..

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm .. not sure yet quite what to think of this latest spew to the public .. here's a claim that terrorist were caught .. its completely invisible, and we're all being made to believe everything they are telling us .. this from the same people that convinced us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq .. I will say that if they did make this one up, it was well planned enough to look very believable .. I can't help but be a little suspicious though of this happening so soon after Lieberman lost because he was too close to Bush, sending out a very clear signal that just maybe they may not get away with rigging the 2006 elections .. there's been a little too much fear-mongering from this administration for my comfort, and as a result, I hesitate to immediately trust them .. they have always seemed to come up with shit like this when they felt like they were falling behind .. honestly I think I'll wait a while before I buy right into this one, and watch and see what facts come out over time .. it may be all true .. but I really hate being fooled, especially by these pricks running our government right now .. this administration is too good at that, or at least quick to bend over for the evil underground assholes who are really behind it all .. one thing they have accomplished is they sure have gotten allot of people hateing the sand niggers .. and I'm glad I'm not one .. the racial profiling is way off the scale now .. what would Jesus do??? from what I've read about him, he doesn't strike me as the kind of man that would wish death on the terrorists .. but maybe there's something I don't know ..

No BS said...

You say you don't hate them, but you refer to them as "sand niggers." You should hate them. They are the new Nazis. These Islamofascists want to KILL YOU because you are a Christian, whether you practice it or not. If you are not a practicing Muslim, they want to KILL YOU, AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. In fact, they want to eliminate everyone who is not Muslim in the world. The remaining population will all live under radical Islam. I'd rather be dead. You had better start respecting their ability to off you from this planet, or you will be caught up in the storm. If I have to trust somebody, it will be my government over the terrorists. I have no choice, and neither do you.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd need to see some real evidence of all this before I'd fall hook-line-and-sinker for this 'Fox News' type of bias propoganda .. it sounds to me just like what the people who have taken over the republican party want you to think, and there's just way too many holes in just about everything they have said thru this whole administration to buy any of this .. and as for 'sand niggers' I just think it sounds funny ..

The Bush administration is full of people exactly like the ones that run the defense industry, with whom I have worked closely for about 25 years now .. as a result, I know them well enough to be certain they are essentialy the same entity .. I trust my instincts, and the fact of the matter is, they are really the ones to watch out for ..

Bin Laden has said he only hates America because we support Israel, and the president of Iran has stated he just objects to the way they are treated by the west .. don't let Bush and his cronies brainwash you .. yes, they are incompetent, and not capable alone of such an underground diabolical plan as all this .. but really, the only president in recent history to stand up to the underground corrupted powers that be was Kennedy, and look what happened to him .. (Clinton may have, but I guess they decided to let him live and just smear him instead ..)

The terrorists are pissed at us all right, since Bush has done nothing but throw gas on the fire and make them 1000 times more dangerous than they were at the end of the century ..

I'd need more concrete emperical evidence to believe the comments in your last post .. consider this .. the Bush administration wants you to believe terrorists hate America for things like the immorality that comes out of Hollywood .. think about it .. is your typical Al-Quaeda member going to watch a Hollywood movie, see Angelina Jolie expose her breasts, and get so mad at that, that he wants to strap a bomb on himself and go blow up a restaurant full of people???? this is 100% bullshit .. what will get him this enraged though, is being dicked around, treated like shit, and patronized by arrogant assholes, ie: Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Jews, and the like ..

I can see why the ancient Jews believed they were a superior race, since long ago they were surrounded by savages, and were likely more advanced, but I think they are long overdue for updating these religious views .. since they now know there are more people around the world than they knew about 1000's of years ago, and many of the other races are much more civilized and spiritually advanced today .. this just might help keep them from being forced back out into the Mediterranean again ..

But sorry, I can't let this administration with their 'boogie-man-under-the-bed' fear mongering get me quite this paranoid, and I don't believe Al-Quaeda wants to take over the world like Hitler did (show me some proof, besides a blurb out of one of Bush's speeches, and then maybe) .. they've just been caught bullshittling way too much ..