Thursday, August 31, 2006


President Bush has gone on record as saying the war we are fighting with terrorists is like the fight against the Nazis. How true. I'm glad he is finally saying this. Islamic radicals are the new fascists. They must be destroyed, before they destroy us.


A Real Fucking Prickhound said...

Perhaps .. perhaps .. however, I'm not so sure about his timing when it comes to making such statements .. ie: just a couple of months before the mid-term elections .. and I do agree .. "Islamic Radicals" that get violent and harm others should be appropriately policed .. I do however think the war on terror could be fought more efficiently than it is by the US right now ..

The Brittish just set a great example of how to properly handle terrorism when they foiled those hijacking attempts .. terrorist activity should be identified based on the best intelligence, the activity pinpointed, and then resolved as a police matter .. this is very efficient, and I think its the best approach if we are ever going to solve this problem .. but just blowing it all up into a large scale war the way they are doing it is not efficient, but this is no surprise, because its very typical of how these kinds of conservatives do everything .. we are looking for a needle in a haystack, but they just keep throwing on more hay ..

One thing I do agree with them on is that this is a very different kind of war .. but we need to take a very different approach than they are now if we ever expect to win .. intelligence based targeted action is needed .. the old conventional plow-in-and-invade-a-country approach doesn't seem to be making much progress when you look at Iraq right now .. yes, they may be trying .. but I honestly think a better strategy is needed than what they are now doing if we ever expect to win ..

Grace Owens said...

Thinking about this a little more .. it occurred to me that we've been hearing Bush say this kind of thing so long, allot of people are starting to get convinced its true .. a lie, when repeated enough, becomes the truth .. all you really need to do is not lose sight of the origin of all this .. defense contractors have proven time and time again that war is conjured to create profit .. and now they are trying to use terrorism to do this .. as mentoioned in the real fucking prickhound's post, for terrorism to be effectively dealt with, it needs to be handled at the police level, not blown up into a war on a global scale so the defense industry can make even more insane profits ..

It makes you wonder though .. when you think about it, most of one of America's most demanded resources, oil, happens to reside underneath some of our most serious enemies .. hmmmm, perhaps God is trying to tell the red-staters that in the end .. greed just does not pay ..

CyberCelt said...

I think the term is incorrect. Just another term like Axis of Evil.

No BS said...

If the world does not realize the danger of Islamofascism, it won't matter what terms were used to describe it. It won't matter whether or not our government "lied" to get us into Iraq. It won't matter if the statements made by President Bush about the war were made for political gain. Most of us will either be dead or living under the Taliban. Our priorities will be much different then. How we will wish for these, "the good old days."

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