Friday, September 01, 2006

The Good Old Days

If Islamofascism is allowed to grow and fester on this planet, and if good people like us do nothing to stop it, it won't matter whether our government "lied" to get us into Iraq. It won't matter if President Bush used the War on Terror to escalate "the war machine" for profit and political gain. (So far it seems to be backfiring, if that's really what he ever intended.) It won't matter at all. You see, if Islamofascists take over, they will impose a Taliban-type government on the world. The survivors will envy the dead. They will live in abject poverty, agony, and oppression. The early years of the twenty-first century will be fondly recalled as "the good old days." If you refuse to acknowledge this possibility, so be it. Just remember, you've been warned.


A Washing Machine said...

Unfortunately, there's been nothing to prove its that big of a threat .. the Brittish could probebly handle the whole problem themselves, the genuine part of it anyway .. they certainly have shown they are much better at it than the Bush administration .. Agreed, we should maintain a defensive posture, but the war profiteering ought to end ..

No BS said...

If you do not think the threat is real, you are burying your head in the sand. As for the British, yes they are very good at preventing terrorism. So are we. We share info with the Brits, and if you've noticed, the U.S. has not had a terror attack since 9/11.

The Biggest Damned Carrots In The Kitchen You Ever Saw said...

Doesn't look like we are getting anywhere with this .. the nearest thing to real proof is what has come out of the mouths of Bush, Cheney, Runsfeld, Rice, etc. who have proven themselves to be liars .. and 9/11 was obviously a different event than what the media has fed the public .. if you are convinced Islam is on the brink of world domination, I'll agree immediately when I see some real concrete hard indisputible facts to prove it .. feel free to present some tangible examples, other than just what's come out of the conservatives mouths .. I'm still open to being convinced .. but all I've seen so far is the "because we said so" approach to proof ..

Brick Shithouse said...

I also can't help but wonder what mechanism these "Islamofascists" plan to use to "take control of the world" and maintain it..

There was no doubt that the Nazis were a genuine threat to freedom when they took a crack at world domination, since they were successfully conquering countries with a very large, efficient and powerful army .. but do you really believe the President of the United States and Congress are at risk of being overthrown by a handful of nut-jobs with bombs strapped around their waists??? (this is all they really are, unless they are backed by Iran and maybe some other countries .. and this only a likelyhood if Bush keeps pissing off the world with his imfamous cowboy-asshole charm .. we really need to get him the fuck out of the White House ASAP)

At this point, the terrorists simply don't have the means. What's more, the most obvious thing they have done is only prove they want to beat the shit out of Israel .. Sadam Hussein launched missiles at Israel during the Gulf War, and Hezbollah just tried to kick their asses with Iran's help .. this is the one thing by which we have actual tangible evidence ..

And even if the terrorists did somehow scare George Bush out from behind his desk in the oval office, And all of the Senators and Representitives out of the Capitol building, and all of the Justices out of the Supreme court building (this being obviously impossible), what would then be their method of maintaining power?? I'll tell you what would happen .. they would be abducted at gunpoint, and likely shot on the spot ..

Obviously, to actually believe the United States is on the verge of being overthrown by a bunch of radical Muslims is a complete fantasy .. and further proof that many Americans are gullible enough to swallow the Bush administrations scare tactics hook line and sinker ..

Bottom line .. radical terrorists are outlaws, but there aren't that many of them, compared to the army's in the free world .. they can be beaten with targeted police action with good inteligence .. and the fact that this all has been blown up into a world wide scare is nothing but a scare tactic .. and why? ..for war profiteering ..

solution: bust all the terorists with genuine attempts to capture them, and throw the war-mongering profiteering assholes in the Bush administration into prison along with them .. they can share the same shower stalls ..

My Feet And My Toes said...

now kiss my feet and lick my toes ..

Vacuum cleaner all day said...

hmmmmm .. its been about a month, and no proof has been posted of any of your claims .. I'm not surprised .. I haven't seen any either ..

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