Friday, August 18, 2006

Jon-Benet's Killer Not Found?

It appears that the loser arrested in Thailand for the murder of Jon-Benet Ramsey may not be the murderer after all. He is giving conflicting stories with what the police know about the case. It does appear, however, that he is a raging pedophile. So let's put him away anyway.

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Jimmy_No said...

I can't help but wonder why all the details and toilet habits of a person accused of the death of one person 10 years ago is suddenly far more important to consume the news than the heightened terror alert just thrust on the nation to remind us we are at war .. until recently the daily slaughter of Americans in Iraq was dominating the news until we were distracted by the violence against Israel .. hmmmmm let's see .. we're just a couple months away from the mid-term elections where the polls indicate the dems have over a 10% lead and could take over congress and start impeachment proceedings against Bush .. the last thing the media needs to do is concentrate on anything that might further sway public opinion any more against the Iraq war and Bush's approval ratings right now .. ahhhh .. the public is stupid enought to buy whatever ya feed em .. the Bush administration just might find a way to stay in power .. even if it kills us all .. I do remember them making sure Air Force One was good and ready to quickly evacuate Washington in case of an attack ..

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