Thursday, August 17, 2006

The War on Islam

1. President Bush called it right on when he said we are in a war with Islamofascists. 2. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. 3. The Quran advocates overthrow and subjugation of everyone and everything that is not Muslim. 4. The West must try to re-educate millions of misguided Muslims so they do not become terrorists. 5. Those who do become terrorists must be found and killed. Appeasement of evil will not work. 6. There will be no more PC bullshit about what this war is REALLY about, except from Democrats. 7. God help us if the left takes over in the upcoming elections. 8. Don't expect this war to be over in your lifetime, no matter how old (or young) you are. 9. This is a battle for OUR WAY OF LIFE. 10. We cannot lose this battle, or life will not be worth living under a Taliban-like government. 11. The Islamofascists will not stop attacking us no matter what we do. (Except the whole country converting to radical Islam.) They want to kill us. 12. I so wish I was wrong about all of this. But I'm not. We all need to wake up.


Anonymous said...

I saw a senate hearing with a few vetran CIA agents not long ago .. one of the agents pointed out that terrorism is no where near the threat that the Soviet Union used to pose to our security .. there is really only a few small cells around the world, and the Bush administration is just trumping up the threat for justification for military spending (this agent was a republican by the way, and an avid supporter of the president) .. the threat however can escalate due to larger powers like Iran and Russia getting involved, which has been very encouraged since Bush took office .. and this mainly because of the US support of Israel .. that's the main reason they are against us, so as long as we support Israel, the threat will grow .. the threat is no where near as big as the Bush administration is trying to lead the public to believe .. one big reason is because the terrorist don't have the capability or the numbers to blitzkrieg into countries and take them over like the nazis did, but as long as we go ruffling their feathers and supporting Israel, which results in consolidating Iran and Russia together with them, the problem will progress beyond any point of return .. so, thanks to the inability of the current powers in the west to find a better solution, unfortunately we may never be able to rationalize a solution with the terrorists .. I believe God expects us to co-exist with them on this earth (he did put us all here), and trying to kill them off is not only not likely to work, but makes us just as guilty as the Nazi's when they tried to exterminate the Jews .. what's more, I do not plan to tell Jesus when I meet him that I endorsed the "cave-man-beat-em-with-a-club" mentality .. I think he's going to send all those people to a much simpler place ..

No BS said...
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No BS said...

Your argument is illogical. The problem is Islam does not want to co-exist with us. Killing terrorists who want to take over Western society is not the same as the Nazis exterminating Jews. The Jews did nothing wrong, except exist. That's how radical Muslims view us. We exist, we are not Muslim, we must be converted or die. Only a pacifist with a death wish would not fight back. As for our support for Israel, it is a smoke screen used by Islamofascists to mask their real goal of world domination. They will attack regardless of what we do short of converting to a Taliban government. Are you familar with the mosques of Dearborn, Michigan? This war is happening not just with bombs but with hate speech(meant for their ears only)against us in our own land by Muslims, pretending they are peaceful. Many are not. These are not dumb people. They are using our Constitution to slowly but surely erode the will of this country. And I don't think Jesus has a problem with someone fighting for Christianity. We did not ask for this fight. That's the difference.

Anonymous said...

I will look into the mosques of michigan .. and I think this is a healthy debate, taking a hard look at all sides .. and I'm also open to any facts that will reveal the real truth underneath it all .. but at this point, I still don't think they have the might or werewithal to overtake us, however, with increased backing by other haters of Israel (Iran and Russia), that could change .. I don't deny that they may have other motives behind their actions, and may be using our support of Israel as a rouse to divert us from their real intentions .. their religion may tell them that our materialistic lifestyle is evil, and should be changed .. perhaps in their minds converting us is doing us good, just like we think becoming a 'born again' Christian is the right thing to do .. how about this for a solution: the Jews stop thinking they are a superior race, update their religious documentation to declare all homo sapiens on earth equal instead .. stop their unethical business practices that harm other people .. and stop treating all other races in a condescending way .. and if this doesn't calm down the terrorists, capture the terrorists, incarcerate them in prisons heavily fortified with fences with plenty of razor coil .. put them on trial and punish them appropriately .. then there might be some meaning to "Peace on earth, goodwill toward men" come next Christmas .. or should I say Samtsirhc!!!!!

Jimmy_No said...

Ok, I did check out some info on the Dearborne Mosque (http://www.jafariyanews.com/2k5_news/may/15michigan_islamiccentre.htm) .. this doesn't strike me as a big attempt by Muslims to overthrow our constitution, as much as it was to accommodate the already large population of Muslims in the Detroit area so that they may have a place of worship .. I'd need to see more threatening evidence than this ..

It is a fact that Arab people come to the US to find a better life, and most happen to be Muslims, but I am not convinced that a majority of them have intentions to overthrow America .. any more than a majority of Americans want to overthrow the rest of the world .. I think the ones who have achieved extreemism, and have become terrorists, have achieved this out of hatred for the mistreatment they have received .. the root of the whole problem is the mistreatment .. that's what needs to be changed .. that's what started it all .. this kind of mistreatment comes from arrogant people, and I've already covered that into detail in previous posts ..

On the other hand, I don't at all agree with the terrorist's method of dealing with the mistreatment they have received .. if the terrorists can't learn to behave themselves, then yes, identify them specifically and bring them to justice. But to just assume that the entire Muslim community wants to take over the world, and think they can do it thru terrorism, is just too big of a streach .. they know they can't do it with terrorism .. if they were a genuine threat, they would amass an army, and they know they can't do that, because there just aren't enough of them with extreemist views .. that's why they resort to terrorism .. they need to hide since that's the only way they can make us believe they are a threat .. if they fought out in the open, they know we'd see that they are just a handfull of idiots, and we'd crush them ..

All this paranoia thrust on America by the Bush administration thru the media is just hype .. and what's the result? .. defense contractors laughing all the way to the bank .. that's the bottom line .. and that's the whole motive behind it all .. you can do some searching and some reading about the "Rothchild's" .. allot of good information there to support this ..

No BS said...

They have amassed an army. Haven't you heard of Hizballah? Even Israel couldn't bring them down. And the Quran is leading radical Muslims to attack the West, not our treatment of them. That is another smokescreen. The terrorists don't care how they live on Earth. The afterlife is more important to them. In the meantime a worldwide caliphate is what they want to achieve for Muslims the martyrs leave behind. Don't you get it? As for your views on Jews, is this Mel Gibson?

Stephen Tiano said...

What the "few veteran CIA agents" said may be true theoretically in that the Soviet Union had the means--in terms of weaponry and the budget to fund more weaponry--to do more damage and, therefore, be more of a threat than the terrorists. But the Soviets never had the will. They were westerners, despite where the Soviet Union is located.

The terrorists have the will to destroy everything and everyone that doesn't subscribe to their belief system.

I've read about one-and-a-half volumes of the Koran. There are definitely passages that call for peace and kindness. But, like the Old Testament, there is a violent side to the Koran. There are most definitely passages in the Koran that say it's cool to slaughter non-believers.

But be afraid, too, of the American religious fascistas: Falwell, Pat Robertson, and their ilk.


Jimmy_No said...

It appears that the Bush administration has been successful in brainwashing many Americans .. but fortunately there are people still around who continue to dig for the truth .. and the only way the right wing has to fend off the real truth seekers is to call them conspiracy theorists .. As for the Jews, I don't hold any judgement against them .. I have many Jewish friends .. these are just the facts, and the fact is their behaiviour (mainly in the past) has instigated many of these problems, otherwise there wouldn't be such a mass of people trying to deny them their existance .. if all this is not true, then why do the Arabs, Russians, etc. want so badly to destroy them? The behavior I pointed out is just a fact .. no judgement intended .. and all they'd need to do is just correct it .. hate the sin, love the sinner ..

If you remember the news a few days ago, there was a cease fire ordered by the UN, I'm sure Israel had the capability to wipe them out Quickly, especially since they have the support of the US. You even pointed this out in a previous blog .. ya, they are growing, currently with the help of Iran .. but if the west wasn't so greedy and over there dicking them around, they wouldn't care what's going on over here .. the Bush administration has proven it is aggressive and power hungry, and has developed more of an appetite for power as it has seized more of the worlds wealth .. I think every religion has a right to oppose that .. once we get that fucking idiot out of the white house, and put someone in there with a brain (Washington or Lincoln's calibur) these problems might start to get solved .. the trouble is, where are we going to find someone like that today ..

Bush and his cronies love to use fear as a weapon, it helps to turn America more toward a police state, which is what they want .. he even said that himself, when he said he'd rather run the country as a dictator .. they are successfully suckering people into thinking the US is genuinely threatened by a few small terror cells .. well, if they keep this shit up, and with the help of Iran and Russia, what you think is happening already may be true real soon .. and only because Bush and his asshole friends are the power hungry idiots creating the situation .. I'm still waiting to see some tangible proof that The terrorists are on the verge of taking over the world .. so far, all I see is speculation .. there's plenty of proof of what I said about the Bush administration, and no one can argue the details and prove them wrong, besides just saying they don't believe it because they don't want to .. that's the difference between observing the facts at face value and drawing a conclusion, or forcing what you want to believe .. give me some facts, real facts, and I'll tell you you are right .. but the facts I've seen so far lead to the above conclusions ..

Jimmy_No said...

Concerning the CIA agent's comparison to the former Soviet Union, his point was merely a material referance to their capability, with no comment about whether they had the will ..

Even with Hezbollah organizing an army (and this with the help of Iran), the terrorists are a long way off from being a genuine threat on a global scale .. I think the main concern is how much they are inflamed by the war and the hateful rhetoric coming from the west .. of course the problem will continue to escalate as long as we try to exterminate them, but Iran and Russia are not fond of Israel either .. and we could see them both behind the terrorist in time .. I'd really like to hear all these people explain what their big beef is with the Jews .. personally I think they are hanging on to the past ..

The best explanation I can see that fits all the facts is there is an underground international power controlling all the events, and they focus on profiting by creating war .. Bush is willing to go along with them because if he doesn't, he would be in danger, and likely be killed like Kennedy was .. this being one scenario that fits all the facts .. maybe there's another explanation that fits everything .. and if so, I'd love to hear it .. paging Sherlock Holmes

Maybe the terrorists are radical enough to believe that it is God's will to convert the world to Islam, we certainly have been pretty liberal about spreading Christianity everywhere we could .. but what's interesting is many Christians obviously see Jesus's "camel thru the eye of a needle" passage as a misinterpretation .. kind of making the wealthy Christians look like hippocrates to the Muslims I'm sure

I still maintain they currently don't have the ability to threaten America's existance like we are being led to think ..but their support may grow .. It might help if we could elect a leader that is a little more universally likeable ..

And yes, Pat Robertson and Jerry Faldwell are no help that's for sure .. I believe any religion can get results from prayer, and just because these guys might have thru Christianity, doesn't make it the one right way .. I have a feeling they aren't listening to everything God is trying to tell them .. their ego's are in the way ..

No BS said...

Bush was obviously joking when he said he wanted to be a dictator. Would any leader of the free world actually say that seriously? C'mon! As for all the underground shit you espouse, I believe anything is possible, but how probable is it? Not very. The truth is usually much more mundane. Your hypotheses make good books and movies...

Jimmy_No said...

Check out the book "The Illuminati" sometime about the Rothchilds .. here's one site I found : http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/illuminatiagendabestoverviewyet8jun02.shtml
No one can be totally sure of what really is up, but I think its wiser to give everything a good open-minded look and assess it all, rather than selectively pick out what appeals to you and judge everything else .. With this approach, the conclusions I've made so far are what fit everything i've seen .. I am still open to being presented evidence to convince me otherwise .. but I'm still waiting to see any .. for example: the evidence of what really happened on 9/11 and the reasons we were told that justify the invasion of Iraq are both full of inconsistancies .. where are the facts to dispute this?

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