Thursday, October 05, 2006


I have taken a month off from posting due to bipolar-induced information overload and sheer laziness. After this respite, I am back declaring I was wrong about Islamofacism being the most dangerous trend facing our planet today. It is actually Bababooeyism. Bababooeyism is the biggest malevolent force threatening to engulf the Earth today. It is the unbridled desire to worship the horse-toothed jackass producer from the Howard Stern Show, Gary Dell'Abate. His breath could stop time. His green chiclet teeth could stymie a skilled dentist. His ugliness could blind. The songs written about him won't leave my head. He is the leader of a fast-growing cult of personality that is taking over society. He must be stopped. But how?


A Wild Horse said...

Make him a contestant on the next segment of "Stump The Homeless" ..

Top Girl In A Whorehouse said...

Its perfectly understandable to believe that the extremest Muslims are a threat .. they do hate "The Ugly American", and there have been several instances of terror in Africa and the Middle East directed at the United States .. I personally don't believe its that significant yet, but I also believe we need to be on our guard ..

I do think that all of us here in America need to be responsible for all of the behavior that comes out of any American in the international arena .. and if its wrong, and we don't seek justice, then we have failed ..

I couldn't help but be amused when I found out that Usama Bin Laden said "If I hated freedom, I would have attacked Sweden" .. thank God he didn't do that .. I'd hate to see the Swedish Erotica series be interrupted ..

All seriousness aside .. I think we tend to get very used to fighting our enemies .. so much so that if an enemy falls, as the Soviet Union did, we then need somewhere to direct our need to fight that was etched into us for so long .. kind of like in Star Trek VI .. when they mothballed the neutral zone .. Kirk said he was used to hating the Klingons .. well, the Terrorists are the new Klingons upon which America can spew its needed gratification .. unless of course your name is Mark Foley ..

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