Friday, December 22, 2006

The Donald Trumps Rosie

I'm not a big fan of that fat sappho-ho Rosie Palms, so I'll have to give this one to Trump. He "towers" over O'Donnell with his style and women. Rosie just has a big mouth (and who knows what else.) She is Large Marge but is not in charge. I heard there's going to be a remake of "Fantastic Voyage" starring Miss Hefty and the miniaturized scientists go inside of her and they get lost in the huge void of Rosie!

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Cocksucking should be taught in school said...

Can't say I'm too big a fan of either of these clowns .. Trump really doesn't impress me .. anyone who inherits $1m from their dad, and then goes around touting what a magnate he is, is just a hypocrate .. he was born with a silver foot in his mouth .. on the other hand, Rosie at least works as a comedian, and just strives to be funny, even at her own expense, and she sure succeeded with that this time .. I did like her Donald impression .. quite silly it was ..