Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tooth Delay

I had to have a root canal while visiting San Diego earlier this month. Then I started having pain again last week, so I went to my local dentist and found out I needed to have the tooth pulled because it was so cracked it couldn't be saved without spending, oh, 2000 bucks. I don't have dental insurance. Why is dental care so goddamn EXPENSIVE? The extraction was much cheaper, but much more of an ordeal. I thought it would never end. And now I'm in so much pain I'm eating Vicodin like candy. (Yeah, I know. I'm not supposed to take narcotics, having had a drug habit.) Well, I never liked opiates, and my mouth hurts like holy hell. So there. I'm not going to go on a binge because I'm legally medicating real physical pain. I would be much more likely to run out and do illegal drugs if my head was throbbing from toothache!

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Use Your Teeth Up and Down said...

.. dentists are rip-offs .. always exadurate how bad your teeth are to stuff their pockets .. just like doctors .. blood sucking vermon .. all of em ..