Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

Nothing, no profiling or screening, could have prevented yesterday's tragedy. It is possible it could have been minimized with better security proceedures by the college. Two hours went by after the first two killings with minimal communication by Tech staff. This is just the world we live in. The gunman, who reportedly left a note blaming the rest of us for his evil deed, took 33 lives including his own. Only God will ever really know why. The accusations will fly, and the blame will be accessed (ultimately it really is the shooter's fault, of course, but he is dead so someone or something else must pay), and we will all try to understand what cannot be understood.


The Randomness said...

It's really such a damn shame that they are still (at least the last time I watched the news which was yesterday) glorifying the killer by giving him so much air time. Now I deal with individuals who are mentally disturbed and I AM disturbed at how many people are depressed and undiagnosed and can get guns willy nilly. The gun rules SHOULD change.

No BS said...

I don't know if that would really help. Feel-good window dressing usually doesn't. I am not a gun owner, and don't really care about them. But I just don't think banning them outright will stop those who want to kill, any more than drugs being illegal stops abuse.

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