Sunday, April 15, 2007


Do you believe that your double is out there somewhere? More on that in a minute... My trip to Vegas was sweet; got to see my buddy Roy, and take in the fantastic Beatles "Love" Cirque De Soleil show. The highlight of my stay, however, was an invitation to the world famous trendy Ghost Bar on top of the hip Palms Resort. This place has an outdoor patio, and part of it has a glass bottom that, if you dare stand on it, (and I did) looks 55 stories down to the ground. The occasion was Roy's company reception. He was told at the last minute he could invite a guest. Cue my entrance... I might never get another chance to go to the Ghost Bar (NOT being rich and famous and all that), so I jumped at the opportunity. Shortly after I got to the bar, I noticed a woman who, from behind, looked very much like my ex-girlfriend Angie. Same hair, same build, similar taste in clothes. I thought to myself, I've got to get a look at her face. Of course, she probably won't look anything like Angie, but what the heck. I gotta know. So I discreetly (I hope) maneuvered around so I could see the woman's front. I almost dropped to my knees. Lucky I didn't, because I was trying to be nonchalant. My God. This person looked almost exactly like Angie. I so wanted to speak to her, to hear if her voice sounded like Angie's, but I never approached her. She probably would have thought I was weird anyway. She didn't know me from Adam. Roy didn't know her either, but he agreed she really looked like Angie. Cool. A second opinion. I wasn't just hallucinating! I watched her for awhile when she went out on the patio (STALKER ALERT!) and then she walked by, looked right at me, and disappeared into the bar and into the night. I never saw her again. I know it wasn't Angie. I still talk to her as a friend, even though she is now married. When I told her about the incident, she laughed and said, "wouldn't it be strange if you had spoken to her and hit it off?" I replied, as much as I would like another Angie, that would be too bizarre... Some things are better left alone.

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You're Built Exactly Like A Brick Shithouse said...

Ya, that is wild when that happens .. I worked with a guy that looked and sounded exactly like Roy once .. makes you wonder .. is there a limited number on the possible costruction of human DNA, and what are the odds of 2 being near identical?

Although, the main reason to go to Vegas would have to be siezing the opportunity to go "oh God .. did you eat all this acid? .. that's right .. MUSIC!!! .. music man put the TAPE ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. WHITE RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!! WHITE RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!"