Sunday, April 29, 2007

You Lie!

Do you? We all do, to an extent. Some more than others. Some are little white lies, some are whoppers. Get ready for a brave new truth-telling world. Forget the obsolete, often unreliable lie detector. In today's Arizona Republic there's a story of a new technology called functional magnetic resonance imaging. A San Diego company, No Lie MRI, is marketing a machine that scans your brain's thoughts for lies. The company's CEO, Joel Huizenga, says "society is based on trust... we provide a service that verifies whether somebody is telling the truth." If you ask me, if this device really works, it's going to take all the trust out of society. Big Brother is edging ever closer.


He Never Even Looked My Way said...

We definitely could have used one of those in the Alberto Gonzales hearings ..

Gabriela said...

It is hard to believe that someone or something can scan your thoughts. Technology is really getting far, but this time I think it's in a positive way.

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