Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I don't even know if I spelled that right. Right now I don't care, and I usually am anal about correct spelling. I get frustrated with my living situation sometimes. I am staying at my brother's house, with him and my mom. He pays for my food and minor (sometimes major) expenses. My mother contributes too. I appreciate it, but sometimes feel trapped and bored with my life. It's not their fault. It just is. I have always had a hard time keeping jobs and managing my life. Bipolar is hard to explain. It seems like I am getting better and then things replay like a broken record. I am not on medication. I don't want to be. It makes me feel worse than I normally do. I have had a lot of counseling (individual and group) and have learned coping strategies. Even writing this blog helps. OK, I feel better now. Kinda.



Hiya! Thank you for stopping by my blog and stuff.
I flushed all my meds a time ago - I didn't want to be on anything either. Then the ambulance people had to rescue me from my toilet - and I got Ativan. I dunno if it works for bipolar completely cus I still don't sleep - but It does help with the panic and anxiety better than anything I ever tried. I know what you mean about some meds making you feel worse - I had a lot of those. I am learning to try and take each day as it comes - literally. Still some days it's just shitty.

Kookie Nympho said...

Obviously, I spend allot of time kvetching at politicians who don't share my values .. I'm not out of control, but, when I don't feel too chipper, I find comfort when I realize no ones life is perfect .. I just found out a local weatherman that I used to watch shot himself in the head .. he was suffering from depression .. it was a total shock because he didn't show it at all .. life's a bitch, then you marry one , then you die .. check out Tony Robbins's Personal Power Program, or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (available on audio) .. the economy is hot right now .. massive cabbage can be piled up ..

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