Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

This day is to remember and honor our deceased veterans. My father was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, serving in WWII (The Big One) and Korea. As Tom Brokaw wrote, my Dad was a member of The Greatest Generation. He was a medic in M*A*S*H units. He retired in the early '60's and died in 1983. He was only 66. I miss him terribly and wish I had gotten to know him better. My now 82 year old Mom never remarried. She says he was the love of her life, a great person and husband, and she needs no one else. We should all be so lucky. Here's to you, Dad, and to all our military heroes on this Memorial Day 2007.


Jimmy_No said...

Yes, they most certainly were .. my dad also served in WWII .. he fought in combat in Italy (the unsung horror of WWII .. it was much like the beginning of Saving Private Ryan there too), and he also served as a corman there, before going to serve in Okinawa .. he once told me he picked up a wounded man and discovered that his head had been blown off .. that would have completely freaked me out .. he also was once almost hit by a shell sneaking down a hill when it was his turn to retrieve rations for his unit .. the shell landed right next to him, and it blew him into the air .. the next thing he remembered was waking up 3 days later receiving medical treatment .. when I think about how my life was spent in my early 20's, and I compare that to his life, it really puts it into perspective why we owe so much to our father's generation .. he died in an ICU in 2002 of Pancreatitis at 82 years old .. it goes without saying that was an emotionally straining time for the whole family, particularly our mother .. she however has been strong, and living well since then .. fortunately we have many loved ones in our family to support her emotionally .. in retrospect, mom and dad both spent the majority of their lives dedicated to making sure we had good lives .. that kind of unselfishness I believe will never be surpassed in any generation to come .. Tom Brokaw was right ..

Mary said...

Wonderful tribute by Brokaw and yourself. We remember our vets on Novemeber 11th here in Canada, if it were up to me the men & women who serve/ed our countries would be remembered every day. An ultimate sacrafice.

Hope all is well in your world on this day.

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